Lake AntlerWorks

We specialize in creating unique, one of a kind furniture pieces. Using the naturally shed antlers of elk, deer and moose, incorporated with a beautiful live edge wood slab, every furniture piece is truly unique. 

"Both art and furniture"

Genesis of Lake AntlerWorks

"When we moved to Minnesota, Joe was in need of a new desk. We also drug a giant stack of antlers from Wyoming to Minnesota. To prevent my threats to get rid of the antlers, Joe built himself a desk out of a couple antlers. With that, Lake AntlerWorks was born." - My wife

Wood Slabs

I love using live edge slabs for the tables I make. They pair very well with the antlers to give a very natural feel to each piece. It is also beautiful. However, I can also use traditional cut lumber for a square edge. This too looks great with antlers. Woods I commonly use are walnut, oak, maple, ash, and pine. But, if you have a certain type of wood you would like used, I can certainly get any kind you would like.

Shed Hunting

One of mine and my wife's hobbies is going hiking in the spring and summer and searching for the naturally dropped antlers of elk, moose and deer. All of the antlers I use are naturally shed every year by the elk, deer or moose.


Lake AntlerWorks can custom make anything you want. If you have an idea, we can bring it to life for you!