Lake AntlerWorks can custom make anything you want. If you have an idea, together we can create the perfectly unique piece for you.

Genesis of Lake AntlerWorks

As the old proverb goes “Necessity is the Mother of invention.” When we moved to Minnesota, Joe was in need of a new desk. We also moved a giant stack of antlers from Wyoming to Minnesota that were a result of years of Joe’s shed hunting. My wife kindly mentioned to me that my antler stack was taking up an aweful lot of valuable space in our newly purchased home. I took the hint, and knew she wanted me to sell the antlers. I didn’t want to and I also needed a new desk for my home office. I decided to build a new desk using a couple of live edge walnut slabs and some of my favorite elk antlers I had found. “Necessity is the Mother of invention.” With that, Lake AntlerWorks was born.

Wood Slabs

I love using live edge slabs for the tables I make. I am using naturally shed antlers and so it feels right to use the beautiful would in a natural looking form. God is the best designer and I am simply combining His beautiful designs to create beautiful furniture. Native woods I commonly use are walnut, oak, maple, ash, and pine. I also can use exotic hardwoods such as Indian Rosewood, Camphor, Red Eucalyptus, MonkeyPod, and others.

Shed Hunting

One of mine and my wife’s hobbies is going hiking in the spring and summer and searching for the naturally dropped antlers of elk, moose and deer. All of the antlers I use are naturally shed every year by the elk, deer or moose.

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