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Western Ember

I created this chair out of admiration of Sam Maloof’s work. This admiration is not unique to me, but is shared by many, resulting in beautiful pieces of art created after Sam’s style. In my mind, there is no style of chair more attractive than those of Sam Maloof’s. While each artist contributes their own unique touches on each piece they create, as one craftsman said, “No matter what I changed, it always came out a ‘Maloof’ chair.”

This elk antler and East Indian Rosewood high chair is my rendition and unique touch on a Maloof style chair. I envisioned an antler chair in which the antlers and wood were united gracefully and organically. I believe I achieved what I was after. I’ve named it “Western Ember.” Just as the ember of a fire is a memory of the glorious flames that were and simultaneously a foreshadowing of what could be, this chair is a memory from the past as well as a foreshadowing of unique ideas to come for Western art.

Starting at $16,000.

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